Our Mission

To offer an affordable, high quality online marketing strategy for small to medium businesses, giving them an opportunity to enhance their business by:

  • Generating clients
  • Increasing brand visibility
  • Providing excellent consultation and advice

Stephen Williams

Portrait Photography of Stephen William
With over 6 years in the Video Game Development industry, 5+ years of web development experience, and several years studying computer and electrical engineering at BCIT, Stephen has gone from managing QA teams, engineers, artists, designers, entire sections of game projects to designing and coding websites and even dabbling in some IT work. From these experiences Stephen brings a solid history of working and learning in a wide array of technology related fields. With a passion for both advancing technologies and customer satisfaction, Stephen continues to bring the best of both worlds from both his management and engineering backgrounds. In his free time, Stephen enjoys learning about and continuing to improve his health and nutrition, driving his “baby” Sportbike, and continuing his Japanese language studies. He hopes to continue to exceed his customers’ expectations with products that are of a high quality delivered in a timely manner.

Jean-Pierre Letnick

JP Headshot
JP Letnick has been working within the Network Marketing, Online Marketing and Direct Sales arena since 2004. He started his first business when he was 6 years of age and now holds a Diploma in Business Administration and a certification as an Online Marketing Consultant.
JP has been able to consistently lower website rankings to the top 300,000 sites in the world within 3 month time periods. Using new lead generation techniques, JP has been able to generate 30 – 70 leads per day.

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