Brand Enhancement Tips By Leveraging Instagram

Now, visual marketing plays a great role in SEO. Google focuses on the links that comes from the visual content. Even the content which is based mostly on text is getting dense with info graphics to attract the audience.

Target Your Audience Properly:  When you want to enhance the brand awareness, you must try to target the audience properly. You may be uploading attractive visuals but it will be of no worth if no visitors are watching them. For better performances of your campaign, you are required to focus on your target audience. Now, how can you identify your target audience? The simplest way is to notice the juncture where the brand loyalty meets the demographic of the audience.

For example; Instagram can possess various users from different demographic groups. Some of the groups may show interest in your content and some of them may not. Among the ones who have shown interest, some of them may buy your products or services, and some of them may not. Though the targeted segment can be very small, but the actual buyers will come from that section only.

Use Videos:  Though Instagram is not a video sharing site like YouTube, you can share them whenever you want to. It will surely be a blunder if you kick out Instagram from the checklist of your video marketing. So if you want to keep pace with your competitors in the brand war, you are required to participate in the video marketing activities in Instagram.

Link In Bio:  The link can be promoted through the bio section. So, to increase the Instagram followers, you need to place the links wisely. Generally the homepage link is placed within the bio section. It can also be effective if you place some deep links within the bio.

For example, you can put the link of your landing page so that audience can directly take the tour of your landing page. If you are adding some specific picture, try to place the link of that page where the information is being provided about that particular picture. Google will surely value these types of connections as there is much relevancy present. If you are a car manufacturer and posting attractive car images , you can place the link of the particular page where the audience can get enough information about the car.

Use Hash Tags:  Only Twitter does not have the copyright of using hash tag, Instagram users can also use them strategically. When you are using the hash tag, the main thing you are required to keep in mind is the relevancy. If appropriate hash tags can be used for your business, your products or services can surely go viral in the Instagram.

Use Tools From Instagram:  For the social media marketing purpose, you can use various Instagram tools. The tools help in filtering or editing the quality of your image. There are analytics which help in monitoring the network growth, detect and manage the Instagram followers, accessibility in various devices etc. You can also find advertising platforms through Instagram. Through those ads, the clicks can increase up to two and half more times than other social media platforms. You can place the ads in various formats and can also upload a 30-second video.

Instagram is full of marketing opportunities. You are required to identify those opportunities and understand the platform properly before placing your advertisement. For simplifying your task, Instagram offers a plethora of effective tools and analytics. With the cool visual content, you will surely enjoy the rewards and will achieve success in your social media marketing process.


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