In today’s business world, it has become essential for businesses to communicate with their customers immediately. Yet, new technology allows companies to do so easily. Chatbots are a feature that many businesses now use to give customers around-the-clock access to a company to get the answers they need on their own time. As you’ll see, it also helps create new opportunities that did not exist before.


What Is A Chatbot, Anyway?

Of course, some of you may be wondering what a chatbot is? It is a service running on rules or artificial intelligence that users interact with using natural, conversational, language. Think back to using AOL Messenger or, in today’s world, Facebook Messenger. These are both examples of chatbots that allow you to converse with someone or perform a task such as purchasing an item.

Making Marketing More Personal

By using chatbots, companies are making marketing more personal than it ever was before. It has reinvented the way brands interact with their customers through sales, support, and other methods. Amazon and Netflix are also great examples of chatbots. When you purchase a movie or other item, they instantly give you suggestions similar to the product you just bought.

The built-in service is able to offer these suggestion based on its programming, as well as the similarities between these items. Doing so raises quality, and efficiency, while also lowering costs.

However, chatbot artificial intelligence allows marketers to so much more with their devices. It allows for better customer support, ad targeting, and price optimization. By monitoring what people are buying, companies can alter prices of popular items to make them more affordable. They can also offer new products based on preferences.


Customer Acquisition

Another great feature of chatbots is the ability to increase customer acquisition. A chatbot’s ability to gain customer information through chat widgets and customer support allows customers to gain the information they need on-the-fly. The artificial intelligence, then, sends a response to you based on what you entered.

Today’s technology also allows for more detailed conversations that build on what was originally asked or commented on. Using this method makes customer support, and marketing practices, much faster than it was in the past.

However, it is vital to make sure that the customer feels safe. Thus, a company needs to make sure that the chatbot doesn’t ask too many questions, and only requests pertinent information. Otherwise, it may be considered intrusive, and you will lose the sale.

Chatbots And SEO Collaborate

However, when a chatbot engages in an appropriate conversation, it can assist in improving your marketing. In order for it to do that, you need to develop a chatbot with good search engine optimization – or SEO. For example, when a detailed conversation allows the user to get the specific answers they need, their engagement with the company will increase. They may share their experience with friends and family, which will bring the company more customers.

People who have gotten used to using chatbots are now answering more specific questions that they normally wouldn’t have responded to in the past. This comfort level has made it easier to fill out forms, like a voter registration, and complete the process quicker than before. Asking these detailed questions is another way that a company can gain information about a customer’s preferences.

Companies that use this kind of chatbot can connect with their customers more, and let them take control of the conversation. They will probably see an increase in their customer base since everyone will feel safer, and become more willing to develop a rapport with the company.


Chatbots have, indeed, become a new tool for businesses. Being able to interact with a chatbot 24/7 means that a customer can use it anytime they are free. They no longer have to wait for business hours to get customer support. Additionally, the ease of communicating with a chatbot allows for more personal conversation that may not have existed before. Thus, companies have begun to see positive results from chatbots in the form of customer acquisition, and an increase in their bottom line.

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