Many business websites use WordPress for their needs. However, when it comes to speed of the site, they find that it is very slow and sluggish. It is here that they look for ways and means to accelerate the speed of WordPress to make the site fast and smooth.

Use content delivery network or CDN to make WordPress faster

CDN or content delivery network is a close network of servers that provide cached content that is static in nature from websites to different users in different geographical locations. In simple terms, when a user visits your WordPress blog or website, they will be redirected to the server of your host. Now, the web host server is situated at a central point. For example, it may be located in Houston TX. That means every user that is accessing your website is accessing this single server to look at your site.

Prevent crashes and overload of traffic on your website

If you receive a steady flow of traffic, you might overload your server, and this results in a very sluggish website. There can also be server crashes when the amount of traffic is very high. That is where the CDN comes into use because it contains multiple servers that are distributed across the world. When you use a CDN, you will find that the static content gets cached and then stored on these servers. This content includes JavaScripts, images, stylesheets and the like. When someone visits your website, the CDN will redirect them to the nearest server close to their location.

It means that if your main server is located in Houston in Texas and someone from Durham in England tries to access it, they will be redirected to the nearest server that is in London. It reduces the volume of hops that the Internet needs when it comes to transferring static files to the end user.  

Why you need a CDN for your WordPress Website or Blog?

Embracing a CDN can make a huge impact when it comes to your website or blog. The following are the top advantages that you can get when you go in for a CDN for your WordPress website or blog-

  • Speed- When you start using a CDN for your website or blog, you can increase the speed of your site and make it fast.  
  • Resistance to crash- With the aid of a CDN you can distribute the load of the website to several servers, and this prevents crashing of your site. The reasons behind this are that with the aid of proper CDN and caching set-ups you efficiently can get 100% targeted traffic to your website. It makes it less likely for the site to crash.
  • Enhance user experience– The moment you start to use a CDN for your website, you will notice a decline in the bounce rates of your site. You will also find an increase in the number of page views and number of pages that are viewed by each user. That means that if your website is fast, you can improve the user experience.
  • Improves SEO- With the aid of a CDN, you can enhance search engine optimization as well. Reduce server response time WordPress specialists say that if you are looking for better search engine optimization, it is prudent for you to use a good CDN for your WordPress website.

This proximity of the end user to the web server helps you in a significant way and has an impact on its loading time. When you can distribute the content of your website across many servers, you can allow the pages of your site to load faster. That is where the CDN comes handy for you. It means in simple words the closer the CDN server is to the end user, he or she gets the content faster.

When it comes to the use of the CDN, you will find that some people believe that it replaces a hosting account. That is not the case. The CDN will not replace a hosting account.

Therefore, if you are struggling with a slow and sluggish website, it is essential for you to ensure that you embrace the benefits of a CDN for your site. In this way, you can accelerate the speed of your website and also make end users happy. There have been studies that reveal that a slow loading website can affect customer satisfaction and increase the bounce rate of your site. Therefore, it is crucial for you to ensure that you deploy the services of CDN and accelerate the speed of your website with success.

Author bio: Derek Iwasiuk is a digital media specialist and WordPress expert that recommends readers to reduce server response time WordPress tips to businesses for accelerating the speed of their websites for better traffic and performance.

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