Many of us use mobile apps every day.  But, for business owners who create them, there is a constant desire to make them popular.  In order to do that, these apps must appear high on search engine results pages – or SERPS.  As you will see, there are several steps involved in the process.  We’ll guide you through this procedure to help your app become more visible.

What Is SEO? 

In order to create an app that appears high on search engine lists, companies first need to optimize their app.  According to Moz.com search engine optimization – or SEO – is “the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results.”

Specifically, traffic quality entails attracting appropriate customers.  For example, you don’t want to attract Apple phone users if you are an apple farmer.  Make sure you specify that information.

After ensuring that you have quality traffic, it’s time to increase the quantity.  As more people see your app, interest and download numbers will rise.

The last way to ensure good SEO is to create organic traffic.  Simply put, organic defines any traffic that “you don’t have to pay for.”  In other words, they come to your app on their own accord from seeing it on the SERPS.

What Are SERP Features?

In order to understand SERP better, we need to delve into some of these features.  Moz.com explains this, as well. “A SERP feature is any result on a Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP) that is not a traditional organic result.”  There are many features involved, but they include:

  • Rich snippets, which add visual layers to a result such as reviews or ratings
  • Paid results that are created via keywords from AdWords or Google Shopping
  • Universal results from snippets, images, and other new results
  • Knowledge graph data in the form of panels or boxes such as weather and other information

SEO Tips

In order to create good SERP results, there are several things to keep in mind.  As Search Engine Land discusses, “As search engines continue to index, display, and rank app pages for search-dominant mobile users, app-mania is simultaneously driving  a geometric expansion of the backlinks and social popularity of these ordinary web pages – giving them extraordinary influence over organic search results.”  They go on to say that higher visibility creates more downloads, which creates a full-circle between visibility on the App Store and searches.

But, there are many tips to follow:

  • Feature your brand prominently in the app’s name and download page URL
  • Link to your app page from the Homepage and footer. Make sure that everything is connected.
  • When you create the link, don’t just say “Download the App”. Make sure the link has the brand name, as well.  Make sure it appears everywhere.
  • Provide a QR code that people can scan with any phone. Use a link compression or QR platform.  This method has become very popular, so consider using it.
  • Create a link on your website so customers can download the app to their specific phone. After all, there are several types of phones out there.  Don’t let people miss out on your app just because they can’t link to it.  Make it available to everyone.

Enhance Your SDK

Most apps allow you to create these links through a software development kit – or SDK.  However, there’s a better way of doing it.  The Enhance tool allows you to modify your app to allow any service.  All you have to do is select the ones you want to implement, and upload the compiled app file.  Enhance will automatically patch, and inject code, to add what you chose.  The SDKs and libraries will also be updated automatically.  Once that process is done, you will be able to download your Enhanced app, which now contains all the selected services.  It’s an easy time-saving process to make sure everything is updated.


Making sure your app appears high on the SERPS can be a tedious process.  There are many tasks involved.  But, taking the time to do these steps will create an app that will get noticed in no time.  With products like Enhance, it will become even easier to create a quality app that everyone will appreciate.


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Nick Rojas